Las Vegas & the Grand Canyon engagement

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On the road ehm.. In the air again..

Since we didn’t travel somewhere for a long time (so it seemed to me) we worked on our bucket list and flew to the Grand Canyon in Arizona. Well, should I be suprised that many Canadians asked me before if we are going to drive there? („Sarina, you know – that are only 24 hours of driving, between the 2 of you only 12 hours.“ I like their math).

We packed our backpacks and went off to the Calgary airport in the evening of the 31st October. The personal at the airport gave us Halloween candy! And we weren’t even dressed up! Yay. And it was very quiet that time of the day and we went thru American customs (already in Canada!) very quickly.

Las Vegas – a city we don’t really fit in

IMAG1978 (800x452) Las Vegas Grand Canyon engagement November 2015 (5) (800x533)

We landed in Las Vegas at night time, took a cab to our Hotel – New York, New York, entering it: wow that was a whole city in there! Gambling town, a Star Bucks, restaurants, touri-shops – all in one! After we have checked in we went to our concert – Calvin Harris. The walked along the strip and it was madness! Everyone was dressed up in Halloween costumes! I haven’t seen so many different characters ever!

It was 11pm when we arrived at Omnia and the organization wasn’t clear to Heiko and me at all! But in the end we were inside. First we hung out outside, a DJ played and we had the view to the Caesars Palace and the Strip. We bought the most expensive drinks (+ 1 water each 9US DOLLAR!! 0,25 Liter!!) Insane! Then we figured out we have to go into the club and from that point, already very tired, we were done with the whole Calvin Harris Event. We could barely stand somewhere. We were about to leave 1ish, even without listen to Calvin Harris. But with missing the exit a few times we didn’t miss him. But we left shortly after that anyway. And bought a pizza on the way back.

The next day we spent on the strip – enjoying the M&M store (bought our very first Christmas decoration, a M&M figure) and were just pottering around and had very good Pasta! By the way, we didnt’t gamble..

We grabbed our rental car to drive to the Grand Canyon on monday! We stopped at the biggest dam of the world – the Hoover Dam! It has been built between 1931 ad 1935 and part of it in Arizona and the other part in Nevada. And we started a new project – buying tiles from places were we go to. So in case we settle one day in our dream house we have tiles from all over the world!

Las Vegas Grand Canyon engagement November 2015 (44) (800x533)

Hoover Dam – Arizona/Nevada

It was already dark when we made it to our hotel at the Grand Canyon Village. We went to an Mexican place, which was rated quite good and we met a funny German group the second and not the last time.

Engagement at Grand Canyon – perfect place, perfect moment, perfect Person

Las Vegas Grand Canyon engagement November 2015 (117) (800x533)

Grand Canyon – see the bird?

Tuesday was the day of the days. We got up at 6.10 and drove to the Grand Canyon – we had to pay Natioanal Park fees (30US Dollars) and had the most amazing sunrise and at this point the best view of the whole trip. After the breakfast we were ready for our expensive 45 minutes helicopter ride.

Las Vegas Grand Canyon engagement November 2015 (96) (800x533)

I was so excited and enjoyed the view the first 20 minutes. But then I was so hot and saw black. The movement wasn’t cool. So that was my ride. I couldn’t wait until we land. Water, snickers, anti-sick pills have been handed to me on the ground. People are always there to help.

Las Vegas Grand Canyon engagement November 2015 (148) (800x533) Las Vegas Grand Canyon engagement November 2015 (180) (800x533)

We went back to the hotel, I had a rest and after that we took off to the Grand Canyon again, the weather had chancde to worse, it was raining and very cold.

We hoped for a good sunset, but it wasn’t as spectacular as the sunrise. But Heiko dragged me further away from the crowds, behaved really strange the last hours, nervous. He hugged me and had kinda of a speech. And then one of the most significant moments was going to happen. He kneed down and asked me if I want to marry him! Both of us had tears in our eyes. It was one of the most wonderful moments in my life!

Las Vegas Grand Canyon engagement November 2015 (399) (800x533)

Happy dance at Grand Point

Las Vegas Grand Canyon engagement November 2015 (400) (800x533)

And at this point I thank all my friends who were so delighted about that news and I wish I could hug every single one of you. So I can’t wait for a big party one day somewhere in Europe.


Back to Canada & what’s going on.

We spent the days in USA and had snow driving back from the Grand Canyon, that was soo crazy! We had everything within that 5 days trip: citylife, Halloween, nature, miracles of nature (Canyon), 1st helicopter ride, sun, snow, rain, Route 66, different timezones, a new chapter of our relationship, culture – a Circus Soleil Show (last evening), etc.

IMAG2123_1_1_1 (800x450)

My biiiig love & fiancè!

Happily engaged we arrived back in Calgary, Alberta. Picked up our RAV 4 (I have to mention that the airport has a really good Long-Term-Shuttle-Bus system and it didn’t cost much at all – remember it, Berlin!). We drove back to our new home, which is the basement suite in the rural area of Red Deer. And the owner of the house is a really nice lady, which lives on her own with her two dogs. But now we’re keeping her company the winter season and I really can’t wait to decorate the house for christmas! And it is going to be tomorrow!! Yeah. And I also hope I can start working on the Canyon Ski Hill from 21st November, it hasn’t been opened from 11th. So I can only hang around for now and I tell you, it’s not much to do around here. I can’t wait for snow and getting some skiing done! Heiko started his first english lessons, which went very good!

Our appartment comes with an extra bedroom – so visitors welcome!

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