Residence in Canada – 1 Year.

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After 6 months wait on the Work and Travel we finally made it to Canada on tuesday, 21st of July.We had a good time in Berlin those 6 months, mostly because of all our great friends there.

Camping weekend with the Mexicans at Saska River (14) (800x533)

Evening at Morningplace (Lacombe, Alberta)

Immigrate to Canada for 1 year

After the flights Berlin-Frankfurt-Calgary we arrived with one hour delay at the International Calgary Airport. We had to go thru the Immigration office to receive a A4 letter (work permit) in our passports. Heiko was so nervous that he wouldn’t get it. But hey- all went well. If any of you have more questions about the 1 Year work and travel Visa in Canada don’t hesitate to contact me! It’s neither the easiest process nor the fastest.


Big hail storm.

Karen picked us up and after 13 hours in the air we drove 2 hours in the car to their farm near Lacombe. And a hail storm welcomed us. The hail did huge damage to the cars and the harvest and the cars! 11pm we went to bed in the trailer, which was wamly made up by Karen (7 am Berlin time). Heiko was already up 6 hours later and on his laptop to work. What a bee!

What to do when you want to work and live in another Country.

The following days we organised stuff what you need in Canada to be able to work – The Social Insurance Number (SIN- Tax number), a joint bank account (what took us 2 hours, in Australia it took 30 mins), SIM cards (data is really expensive here and you have to pay for incoming calls!) So it’s $65 for 2 GB and unlimted text and a few minutes calls). Well and you need a canadian credit card, which we don’t have, so Karen helped out.

Aaaannnd we bought a car! It’s a nice Rav4 – Christian found it. We are sharing the car with the Marriotts, Micah is getting it after we used it that year. It was a 7 hours ride to pick up the car. And registration, licence plate, insurance etc. Again – lucky we had Karen with us.


Our new home for the next months. Well, mostly staying in the house :)


Now we are looking for work. I found some for Heiko – he is working on a farm 10 hours a day. I’m applying for jobs as well meanwhile. But it’s hard, because it is summertime and all temporary jobs are gone (to students, etc). I’m also applying for jobs in the Rocky Mountains.

Good to see or hear that Heikos English improved a lot since the last time we were here. I was really suprised the first days! I’m really proud of him. He is doing an amazing job – with all the work he is doing, beeing an excellent partner and learning english now! And all that not having a home a quiet place to do all that the last 11 months.

4 birthday cakes

4 birthday cakes for July Kids – Heiko, Sarina, Seth & Micah & all Family there <3 (Pavlova, chocolade cake, cheescake, Angel fruit cake)

So we’ll see what we’ll do the next months. Priority of that year is Heikos English!

Camping with the Mexicans at the Saskatchewan River on the long August Weekend! That meant  big Trailers (Heiko and me were the only ones tenting), kajaking, lots of Corona & Heikos & Sarinas Special Nachos. And trips to town, because Heiko needed Service (for his phone).

Camping weekend with the Mexicans at Saska River (22) (800x533)

Suka & Seth.

Heiko saves the mexican boy

Heiko saves the mexican Boy.

teampicture - us and the mexican

teampicture – us and the mexican.


In the next blog I will tell you about our road trip to Seattle (food poisoning, what happened in the zoo to Heiko….)

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