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Las Vegas & the Grand Canyon engagement

By Sarina|November 13, 2015|CanadaCanada,United States of America|0 comments

On the road ehm.. In the air again.. Since we didn’t travel somewhere for a long time (so it seemed to me) we worked on our bucket list and flew to the Grand Canyon in Arizona. Well, should I be suprised that many Canadians asked me before if we are going to drive there? („Sarina, you know – that are only 24 hours of driving, between the 2 of you only 12 hours.“ I like their math). We packed our […]

Seattle roadtrip ’15

By Sarina|September 4, 2015|CanadaCanada,United States of America|0 comments

A good thing of being in Canada is – not only the beautiful country by itself, but also that you can easily travel to USA, which isn’t that bad to visit  2 years ago I traveled with Karen through USA – We drove to Yellostone National Park, that was breath taking, to Cowboytown Cody, all the way to the magnificient Redwood forest in California and up the highway along the coast thru Oregon to Washington, Seattle. 14 hours driving, Rocky Mountains & food poisining This […]