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A long way home.

By Sarina|Februar 24, 2019|AustraliaAustralia,Australien|0 comments

Some mornings start with making the decision how to spend them: The sun is smiling outside and no cloud is to be seen. Going for a run? Taking dog to the beach? Stand Up Paddle boarding? It’s a tough decision indeed! You’re wondering what the heck I am  doing? Usually I end up having my tea, tidying up, responding to messages and get going. But every day is different. I am mostly working every day either morning or evening or […]

When things come together.

By Sarina|Oktober 4, 2018|AustraliaAustralia,Australien|1 comments

After 2 months of struggling thru concern, new findings and hard working things coming into place. I am 1,5 months away from finishing my business management degree in Perth! It has been a great experience and especially this semester a bit challenges with the amount of assignments combined with work and exercise. My weekly schedule this semester Monday: Classes in the morning, kids pick up and care in afternoon Tuestday: Classes all morning and afternoon, going to my old host […]

Ein Sommer in Berlin.

By Sarina|August 28, 2018|AustraliaAustralia,Germany|0 comments

It is the beginning of June. I just finished my exams and my semester. What a good feeling. Only a few days left until I leave to Berlin. Vacation in my very hometown for 6 weeks are ahead! Perth – Berlin Last shift in the medical centre. I take my car to the auto mechanic  (or the car takes me), the bus home and with my suitcase to the Perth Airport. My suitcase is way too heave, 29kg – but […]

A long flight for White Christmas

By Sarina|Februar 7, 2018|AustraliaAustralia,AustralienAustralia,Australien,Canada|0 comments

Yes, it seems like a tradition that we go to Canada for Christmas. But if you know the people you know why we even went this year all the way from Perth! It’s the beginning of December, Heiko arrived a week ago from Berlin in Perth – Later than planned but at least still a few days to warm up from Germany and before Canada. I am happy he is here, because this week we lose an amazing Person in […]

Western Australia Roadtrip

By Sarina|Oktober 1, 2017|Australia|0 comments

From Perth to Karijini to Dampier to Exmouth, Ningaloo Reef. One of the best ways to discover a country is by camping and riding along in a car. So Heiko and I found ourselves in our Kia Spoartage and lots of camping equipment mostly borrowed from friends (Thanks!) to see the Wild West. Well, it is not really wild! First stop Kirkalocka Station (600km north of Perth) – Kirkalocka Farmstay. We stayed in a shed, just used our bedding. It was […]

Study, work & life in Australia.

By Sarina|Juni 25, 2017|Australia|0 comments

Milestone Take a breath and move on. I’d say I managed a little milestone with finishing my first semester in Australia! I mostly really enjoyed my Business course and it required lots of time, mostly for the assignments. But I learned lots of new things and I could feed my brain again! After I finished my last exam in Australian Business law it took off a whole lot of pressure. Setting surroundings But it is not the only thing happening right now. I have been upset about […]

Meanwhile in Western Australia…

By Sarina|April 20, 2017|Australia|0 comments

Hello everyone! Weeks are just flying by… I am just on my first mid term break during Easter. It is still weird that autumn is coming instead of spring. Heiko arrived in Perth 4 weeks ago and he is adapting slowly. But he is leaving to Germany in 1,5 weeks again for 6 weeks so I have all the time to study, yay! Meanwhile we used a few days to discover our surroundings. BBQ near the river and with City view, sunsets at the beach […]

Australia is calling and I must go!

By Sarina|Februar 11, 2017|Australia|0 comments

Back to paradise! I love to breath that fresh air, the sound of the birds and to walk in the calm neighbourhood. And also to be surrounded with water Swan River and the Ocean near by. 6 years ago I arrived the first time in Australia, Perth. That I enjoyed my time there is an understatement. I loved it. I went back to Berlin after 16 months travels and did my studies and met Heiko. We went to Australia 2 […]

6 weeks in Australia, January 2015

By Sarina|Januar 20, 2015|Australia|0 comments

Am Anfang waren Perth und ich nicht im Reinen. Ich konnte Perth nicht mehr so genießen, wie ich es vor 4-3 Jahren getan hatte. Die Magie war verschwunden. Es war nicht mehr, wie es war. Woran lag das nur? Lag es daran, dass wir gerade 4 Monate Marathon-Reisen hinter uns hatten und uns erstmal gedulden mussten, zur Ruhe zu kommen? Daran, dass Australien uns zum Thema „Arbeit“ vorerst den Rücken kehrte? Vielleicht einfach zu große Happen, die verdaut werden mussten. […]

Christmas in Australia 2014

By Sarina|Januar 10, 2015|Australia|0 comments

Seit 10 Tagen sind wir in Perth und wie gut es sich zum Einen anfühlt, nicht von a nach b reisen zu müssen, aufeinander folgende Tage im selben Bett aufzuwachen und zum Anderen wieder bei meiner Gastfamilie aufzuwachen, bei denen ich 9 Monate gelebt habe, auch wenn es ein anderes Haus ist. Mit großem Pool. Vor zwei Tagen schauten Heiko und ich uns an und stellten fest, dass wir uns eben das erste mal seit Wochen, Monaten wieder selber etwas […]