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Residence in Canada – 1 Year.

By Sarina|August 25, 2015|Canada|0 comments

After 6 months wait on the Work and Travel we finally made it to Canada on tuesday, 21st of July.We had a good time in Berlin those 6 months, mostly because of all our great friends there. Immigrate to Canada for 1 year After the flights Berlin-Frankfurt-Calgary we arrived with one hour delay at the International Calgary Airport. We had to go thru the Immigration office to receive a A4 letter (work permit) in our passports. Heiko was so nervous […]

Morocco – Riads & Kasbah’s

By Sarina|August 22, 2015|Africa|0 comments

Morocco It was time for some african experience since I have been to all other continents So we decided to start from the north and to go to Morocco – the country of beautiful Kasbahs and delicious Moroccan Food! Influenced by the religion I don’t know if it was bad or good luck that we came here in the month of Ramadan. We couldn’t eat everywhere at all times but we got great accommodation to a good price. Islamic Moroccan […]