Morocco – Riads & Kasbah’s

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It was time for some african experience since I have been to all other continents :)

So we decided to start from the north and to go to Morocco – the country of beautiful Kasbahs and delicious Moroccan Food!

Influenced by the religion

I don’t know if it was bad or good luck that we came here in the month of Ramadan. We couldn’t eat everywhere at all times but we got great accommodation to a good price. Islamic Moroccan used to excuse themselves „sorry, Ramadan“. Maybe they were exhausted and were slower because they can’t eat and drink all day long during Ramadan (only after the sun went down) and that with 40 degrees Celsius.

Traveling with my brother Dorian

It was a surprise for my 14 years old brother when we told him on his birthday that we would take him to Morocco. The reason? Well I promised him years ago that I will take him to Africa one day. I actually though of a safari, but we couldn’t really effort that, now since we are having huge plans to travel to Canada for a year and then still applying for the Australian Visa after.Morocco 2015 (34) (800x533)

It was his first time outside Germany and of course his first flight (my family is not doing ‚family vacation‘ and my mum and my siblings are without a father.)

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That’s why it means a lot to do stuff my siblings and also that Heiko supports all that so much! Thank you!

It was only a week but we still have seen a lot with a rental car- starting from Casablanca – Agadir – Marrakesch.

We had an Appartment in Casablanca, but the city of economy hasn’t had much to offer besides a beach, which didn’t really invite to have fun. The Atlantic Ocean was quite smelly. The first night out was even in an American Restaurant, but we had fantastic burgers! The next day was a driving day – we were 8hours on the road.  We were starving – no food to find, thanks, Ramadan. We made it to Agadir, where we hoped to find better beaches. We didn’t. I even chose the pool instead of the Ocean, but we had lots of fun annoying the rest of the pool lovers, who wanted some quiet time. 2 nights there and we travelled into Maarakesch.


I booked a night in a Riad in the Medina (old city center). Google couldn’t really find it in it’s maps, so us. As soon we drove into the Medina we were stucked in tiny alleys and markets. I don’t know how Heiko went thru all of that, but I was responsible to guide. But there was no change to find the Riad. I lost the plot when Heiko asked me for direction! I couldn’t help us. Finally we found a parking lot. Paid the guy 5$, took our valuables and stood lost around the markets. A guy in a white dress and helped us finding the Riad, which was only 5 mins by walking away. And he asked for 20$! Well, that kept us happy. Then.. I shouldn’t tell, but I booked the Riad for the wrong day :( So, paid extra. But it was beautiful – tiny, but really Special. A great room, adorable bathroom and nice breakfast, which is also different to European B’fast, of course.

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Riad in Marrakesh

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Medina Marrakesh – donkey vs car

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Kasbah Bab Oura

The next day we went to my favourite of the trip, what really inspired me a lot. We went just 1 hour out of Marrakesh and drove up the hill to the amazing Kasbah. Wow. that was excellent! I dealt a good price in advance and we even got the huge Suit! Man, and the view. Well, pictures tell more than 1000 words! We really spent all day and the rest of the next day there, made the most of it!


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Dorian shot it. Hidden talents.

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