Livin‘ in Red Deer & workin‘ at the non-mountain Ski Hill!

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I am on my 2nd Work and Travel Visa in my life. My first year was in Australia and it changed my life – it leads my life now. I’m driven by the wish to live and work in Australia for 4 years now. My year in Australia opened the world to me.

I’m in Canada now. And it is a completely different experience. I share this experience with the love of my life. I’m lucky, very lucky. But it is still not very easy all the time.

I hear so often from people, that I am lucky to do all this. To see the world and „living my dream“. Really? Aren’t you living the life you want to live? We are living only once, so we should pick it up and make the most of it. I can’t unterstand people that always TALK about doing things, but don’t DO them! I can just encourage everyone to a great life. Avoid people and things that aren’t good for you.

I had 3 days off until now this year and 2 of them Heiko and I went to a lovely Cabin:

January 2016_ (262)

Cabin in Nordegg, Rocky Mountains.

Canada FAQs

(I thought I give you a list of some canadian habbits :p)

  1. Petrol costs only 0,67 $ CA right now – with the bad rate = 0,44 Euro Cent!! We should drive more!
  2. Alberta has the best Steak.
  3. Alberta is all about oil and farming, but has a economy down, which means many people get laid off work
  4. Canadians love „Poutine“ – french fries (Pommes) with cheese and gravy (sauce). Urks..
  5. I like „everything with bacon“ way better. Like pancakes & bacon 😀
  6. Dog walking: The owner sits in the car and the dog walks beside it (I saw that a couple of times with normal temperatures, so the cold is no excuse
  7. Mexico is the typical canadian vacation. That’s why we are going there too
  8. Canadians hate when people think they are Americans
  9. Top Sports: Hockey, Football, Curling :) (my point of view)
  10.  Guy’s favourite hobby: hunting and drinking beer
  11.  Ladies: ehmm.. Shopping and drinking beer too?
  12. The most played artist on the Radio:(guess!) „I’m sorry“ and „love yourself“.
  13. Australian „mate“ is „Buddy“ here.

3 guys and one female cleaning fairy.

I’m currently living in an old school house with 3 men – my fiance Heiko, Adam the british guy and Rowel, the Philipino. Everything happens for a reason. Probably also why we have been kicked out of our old accomodation, in which we lived peacyfully for 2 months. It was a beautiful basement, equipted with everything you need for basically no money.The lady that owned the house and lived in the house as well with 2 dogs (one of them always barcing) was so nice and helpful. Until the moment she decided she wants to live alone again. With her two dogs. After disappointment and sadness we found the house we live in now. It’s actually just the neigbour house. And we lived on the property for 2 months with the motor home when we came in July. But in the end we both really like living here and that is why:
January 2016_ (27)  January 2016_ (69) January 2016_ (10)

Adam and Rowel both work with Heiko. And it is possible to have a bathroom for 4 people! Adam wants to move to Australia too. That’s why he left his Girl friend in England to become a teacher. He is planning a bike trip alone from Seattle to Boston (West to east America)! I love the kitchen it has big Windows and you see just the snow covered field. The rest of the house is falling appart.

Working between the Ski Hill and the Cafe
Everything works out so far. I’m working at a Cafe O’Play, barister and sandwich maker in the mornings and at night and on the weekend at the Canyon Ski Hill. I work with lots of Australians together, but also Canadians, a Chile woman and the owners are Tschech. I’m meeting interesting people during that time. And I love to work with the team I have actually there. And to go skiing once in a while.

Canyon_View January 2016_ (344)

It is fun to work at the Cafe. I really like Little Chelsie, she is Canadian, 18 years old, has blue hair and Star Wars tatoos and is a wonderful and awesome person. Maybe she will work in my Cafe one day. Only when she got rid of her Dinosaur Tatoo until then tho 😉  And she writes memorable notes on orders:

January 2016_ (197)

That is not what our customers get..

Otherwise I deal with many little children that are screaming around & messing up the place. But then comes me and I feel not like a ghostbuster but a grumbbuster, sweeping the grumbs away! At the Canyon Ski Hill I have to deal with French fries instead. Mondays I go and Play Basketball in a recreational league. Well, at least I get my hands on the ball. I miss the practise with my Berlin Team and Coach a lot.

Little Review: Christmas in Canada – all about Ugly sweater contests and chinese gift exchanges!

Heiko and I had both Christmas Parties with our work, we went gun shooting and out for dinner with Heikos work. I went to the Cafe owners place, we had a classic chinese gift exchange and played Pictionary. 2 weeks after Christmas we also had the Canyon Ski Hill Christmas Party, where we went tubing with the whole group, had a chinese gift exchange (our present was a soft toilet seat LOL).

Canyon Ski Hill Staff!

Canyon Ski Hill Staff!

We spent the actual Christmas with the Marriotts and it was one of the best Christmas‘ we both ever had.  It was so familiar and merry.

Awesome Christmas 2015 Canada (223)

Our Aussie-Canadian Marriott Family <3

We went with the whole family on a horse sleight ride with everyone, had beautiful snow, many presents under the Christmas tree, which have been opened from Christmas Eve until the night of Christmas day.

Awesome Christmas 2015 Canada (317)

Seth in Winterwonderland.

We ate delicous food (turkey, of course), went to the Christmas church service, played Settlers of Catan, got drunk with red wine and I had a hangover the next day. Lucky, I still had the day off.

Awesome Christmas 2015 Canada (463)


For New Years Eve we went to friends place, went on snowmobils and were almost falling asleep before midnight. I was on duty at the Canyon Ski Hill the next day.


We decided to stay longer in Red Deer. Heiko wants to finish building the barn. I don’t quite know what I will do after the Ski Hill season is over in March. Maybe go back to the Red Deer Golf and Country Club to pay off our wedding with the tips I get there 😉 Other than that our top priorities are still Australia and now or wedding. We don’t know if in 2017 or 2018 tho! It will be in Europe tho.. Probably Spain. The problem is that we don’t know where we will be after our Canadian Visa ends July 2016 (well besides a few weeks hometown Beeerlin) & the huge amount of money of course.

Happily engaged & missing Heiko who is 3 weeks in Amsterdam until saturday,

engagement sarina& heiko

your Sarina.

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