Canada, eh? Hello Berlin.

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Telegraph Cove, British Columbia

BC Roadtrip 2016 (230)

Telegraph Cove – morning rise.

I am Sarina, 26 years old. I have travelled parts of the world a few times. I lived a year in Australia and also a year in Canada now. And I am still very keen to find home in Australia.

How is it to get back to your home town after a longer period of time? I always miss my friends a lot, because no one can replace all the memories and laugher with them. The more I love to gather everyone together and get updated..

A new chapter

It feels like we just found a car and place to stay in Canada. Also new people. But then it was time to leave that behind, because we didn’t have a work permit anymore. After the big feeling of loss when I left Australia 4 years ago I tried not to get attached to people and places this time. I really got focused on our Australia plan pushing us. The year in Canada had one big purpose: to improve Heikos English and to work there (but also lots of other positive side effects!).

BC Roadtrip 2016 (431)

When someone doesn’t sleep on the over night plane!

To be back a few months to Berlin means to start all over again – temporally. Find a furnished place to stay, work, car, etc.

Our first week Heiko went off to his clients and we experienced a Berlin summer heat. Berlin definitely has more tourists from year to year, I found tons of people in the public transport and on the streets. I was busy looking at different apartments and to practise basketball in my most favourite gym (it is supposed to be taken down for at least 5 years now) near Alexanderplatz. One of my best friends is moving from a 1 room – apartment in a house now, nice to be here for that. I worked a few shifts at a beergarden & the ‘Sting’Concert as well.

Update September 2016: We found an Apartment in Berlin Tegel :)

Best parts of Canada – Review!

Backpacking / Outdoor class trips

I really enjoyed the activity parts in Canada. I was lucky to join Karen sons outdoor class trips in the Rockies and also in the lakessides north of Edmonton. The trip in the Rockies was a 3 day backpacking trip with lots of hiking and tenting at some rural campsites.

The other, more recent one was a canoe/kayak trip and camping on islands. Karen and I didn’t have poles for the tent, but luckily one of the kids had one tent to much. We kayaked 6 hours the first day, set up tents, cooked our own dinner & had to put our food in buckets and lift it up, so bears couldn’t have it.


Toilet de luxe.


Kids Camping and cooking on their own!



The highlight of our Canada stay were the last weeks, our roadtrip in BC.

Our RAV 4 was packed with food, tent, bikes and too many clothes. We hit the road and stopped 6 hours later in Salmon Arms, at a very busy camp site. It was the only time I swam in a lake, it was that warm. We camped 2 nights just before Vancouver and discovered Vancouver on one day, visited the Aquarium and walked the tourist roads.

BC Roadtrip 2016 (24)

In the mountains so high!

I was excited when we went on the ferry from Vancouver to Victoria, Vancouver Island. It cost around $90 CA to travel for 1,5 hours with your car to the Island. There is no road connecting the Island. We had fish and chips with the sea lions at fishermans wharf in Victoria and moved on to find a camp site.

BC Roadtrip 2016 (128)

Usual Campsite set up!

The next day we drove to the ocean side and stayed 2 nights in Tofino, a very very cute harbour town. If I didn’t know better I’d bet Free Willy was filmed there, but it wasn’t. It was raining heaps on my birthday and 12 Degrees, so we went whale watching and I saw some Free Willys! It was amazing to see 2 Orca whales! It was my first time! I also treated myself with a haircut on that day and we also had to kill some time, because we didn’t want to stay in the small tent all the time, because it was raining (it is a rainforest there!).

Vancouver Island 2016 (184)

Orca Whale couple – Tofino 2016

After that it was time for our kayak trip with the Marriotts we met in Telegraph Cove. We went on a 3 days kayak tour on Jonston strait. It was just breath taking! I loved those days, not to worry about setting up tents and cooking Food. Because the tents were already set up and our guide made some delicious meals! We saw some dolphins and sea lions from far away.

Telegraph Cove - North Kayak July 2016 (1)

Telegraph Cove – a little fisher town with a Kayak tours Business.

After the Kayak trip was finished I caught a salmon fish the next morning, Great experience.

After that we said Good Bye to the Marriotts and made our way back to Vancouver, where we met our friend Josh and went home to Red Deer for 2 more nights. We had to leave the beautiful Country with the marple leaf after.

During our Canada time I also loved our Christmas together, the buidling, the Family parties and Settler games!


Our 3 rooms in the shop project!


4H – Cow Show :)

Thanks to the Bosses, the Breeses, Fawcetts, Canyon-People and many more to be so welcoming and being part of our journey! And we hopefully your journey as well!

Telegraph Cove - North Kayak July 2016 (109)

Love you 2!

BC Roadtrip 2016 (420)

When the 12yo steals his mothers Birkenstock. The german brand must be very good!

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