Australia is calling and I must go!

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Back to paradise!

I love to breath that fresh air, the sound of the birds and to walk in the calm neighbourhood. And also to be surrounded with water Swan River and the Ocean near by.

Perth_sunset_a_windy_summer_day (14)

Perth sunset. Swan River.

6 years ago I arrived the first time in Australia, Perth. That I enjoyed my time there is an understatement. I loved it. I went back to Berlin after 16 months travels and did my studies and met Heiko. We went to Australia 2 years ago on our around the world trip.

We decided to apply for a student Visa in Australia. That allows us to live in Perth for 2 years. But first we spent time in Berlin and one year in Canada with a Work and Travel Visa.

And now, February 2017 I am doing a business course at Intnational Tafe College Perth. I can work 20 hours and Heiko 20 hours a week.


I am in Perth now for 6 days! I can’t believe I am already here that Long!

It is like a constant reset of your life. Starting all over again: applied for australian tax file number, australian bank account, checking new apartment, new bicycle, looking for a car, sports to do. I am very lucky that I can stay with my old host family the Whittomes to get myself organised. Thank you! Last thursday I had my orientation day at the school where I will take my business course (  I just ordered my books for the first semester online. I have $500 less *cry* for 4 books! Now I am definetely a poor Student.

How to apply for a Student Visa Australia.

  1. Registration College / University

I looked up the most convenient course to take. I chose the one I’d gain a Business Associate Degree with after two years. You need to have a levels and the academic international english test (IELTS) with a band score 6,0. If done the test in July 2016 in Calgary and had the points I needed. After registration you pay the first semester fees and the Bupa student health insurance and get a CoE letter from the school, what you need in order to apply for the student visa with your Immiaccount you have to create.

 2. Money

It wasn’t that easy to apply for the Visa, but Visa applications are a different world anyway. First we needed / need a decent amount of money for the student fees, the visa and the health insurance.

3. Proof of relationship

In addition to that I needed to prove that Heiko and I are a couple for more than 3 years, I used fllight tickets, the international health insurance we had sind 2014, the Canadian Visa etc, same Canadian bank account, same German adress. And so on.

4. Patience:

Filling out 30 pages online, questions are for example: what countries did you visited in your life, how long and with what purpose. That was fun doing that for Heiko and I. Then of course about your work experience and so much more. Application sent on 23rd of November 2016

5. More patience.

You could track the processing time of student visa applications online. Usually 1 month. I was so excited, but I didn’t get any feedback after the regular processing time. I got nervous and called the department, that is sitting in India, New Delhi. 5 calls and emails later it was still hopeless, either I couldn’t understand what they said or they had useless information. The day til my course would start was just getting closer (beginning of February 2017) and we only had our appartment until end of the month of January.

6. Confirmation received 13th of January (first contact was on 9th of January, I needed to load up a certified copy of my passport, that I had on 12th of January). It was about 7 weeks, but with a partner in the application included and Christmas and NYE between it took longer apparently. But I am here now!

What we have been up to 5 months in Berlin.

It was really busy the last 5 months in Berlin, after we came back from Candada end of July 2016. We went to Heikos mums place on Ruegen (Island north of Germany). We did some fixing around the house for 3 weeks. I found a furnished flat in Berlin for Heiko and I to live. At this stage we didn’t know if we can make it to go on the Student Visa to Australia in February or July 2017.

I barely saw Heiko. His mission was: work as much as possible to have the money together as soon as possible. He worked everywhere in Europe. Meanwhile I went back to play Basketball, worked at some service jobs and almost signed a contract to work at my favourite Cafe in Berlin. But I got a call from one of Heikos clients who is an event manager and needed some help until October. I ended up working for her until the last day I left for Australia. I just love the job and the work climate.

We also went to Canada one more time for Christmas, NYE and skiing/snowoarding. It was the best decision to fly there. Before flying to Canada we spent a few days in San Francisco as well.

San Francisco

San Francisco Harbour

January was filled with working and organising everything for Australia and finishing Everything in Berlin after I had the visa granted. I was totally under pressure before I had the visa, because I didn’t know if we get it and also after, because everything came together all at once and I had a jetlag from Canada a long time.

Packing up.

We also had to sort our stuff out and drive to Ruegen. Heikos mum organised lots of the honey I love but she was very upset after I told her that I can’t bring any animal products to Australia.

Packing Chaos.

Just a usual sign. Packing

Wedding venues Spain.

But we also managed a 24 hour trip to Malaga to check out 2 venues. 3, 5 hours flight and a night in a hotel. We managed to rent a car and drive to two locations in 6,5 hours. Both were great. But no decisions made yet!

Malaga Wedding Venue

One of the wedding venues we looked at.


Heiko left to a job in Amsterdam two days before I left. Weird feeling not to fly with him. I am upset to leave my new job behind I just started and enjoyed, and also some people. Suddenly everything was happening so fast . And I used every spare minute to see friends. And now I am here and waiting for Heeeeiko! It is summer here, but the last week has been very unusual here! Tons of rain and it was pretty cold! I didn’t pack my winter clothes! Yesterday I tried out Wheel chair Basketball. How different. My arms are so sore now!

I will update you on what we will be up to, news on job hunting and how our time goes. Live is faster than I can process right now. I hope I can get you people inspired not to stop where your comfort zone ends but to have dreams and to work on it! Noone is just giving it to you!

At this place a few thanks:

Thank you to my grandma Doris and her sister Marlies who brought me to the Airport and helped me and where very supportive.

Karen and Christian Marriott – you two are so special in my life and I can’t wait to see you back in Australia.

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