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I lay awake. It is 3 am in the morning, it is hot and a thunderstorm is raging outside for hours now. The thunder is so loud that I keep waking up. Oh well, I need to go to the bathroom anyway. The dog is pottering around in the rooms of the boys. I lay down again. During the day were 37°C and I was waiting for a call that told me that I could pick up our new car. It is only new to me. It is an old 2002 Kia Sportage. But it has low kilometers, 4×4 and is very well looked after. Someone named Robbie put it up in one of the facebook groups. I have test driven it 2 days ago, asking several people, my hostdad Gavin and Heiko of course if it was a good buy. Not easy decision to buy a car that is hopefully as reliable as promised. I had to find a good car insurance. Understanding the different types and getting quotes. Finally I got one. I received a call from Robbie, he fixed the radio. I went to sign the papers, payed and drove away with a new car. Yay! Well yay, until I had to go to the petrol station and I saw that the prizes have gone up over the last years. Oh well, coffee, after work rush hour and me driving to the beach for sunset was fixing all problems.


New car owner!

What a feeling to drive on the left side of the road again. The temperature of the water was amazing, the setting sun on the horizon a gift. Behind me I saw an amazing cloud formation. Pretty unusual. But those clouds bring the rain and the thunderstorm that stop my sleep.


Sunset at Port Beach and grear swim.

Tomorrow I have to do a lot of self studies with the books and online on the ecampus, go to the post to send tax claim in Canada 2016. Also one of my four study books haven’t been delivered yet. I am already moving to our new appartment next Monday. I wouldn’t mind staying longer with the family here. Hopefully Heiko will be here in 2 weeks time.


Insider ..’Lifestyle anxiety‘

I signed up for Social Basketball on Mondays and Social Touch Rugby Wednesdays (Heiko too) at Curtin Univerity. I didn’t get any feedback from Cafes and Restaurants where I handed in my CV’s. But I hope to find some work soon. Definetely busy enough right now :)


It got hotter and hotter sitting ouside.

I should sleep now. I a few hours, around 6 the boys are getting up, slamming the doors and showering for hours. Sue will be back from her run and getting the boys ready for school. They have a really nice Crepe Making Pan.. For brekky.. :) I need to find one of those. And a juicer like here.

Good reads:

If someone wants to watch a great movie, I can recommend ‚Lion‘. The book is version ‚A long way home‘, which I didn’t read yet. I am busy either reading about Australian Business Law, Management or more inspiring: ‚Beyond the Horizon‘ by Colin Angus, a Canadian, that travels from Vancouver, across Beringsee, thru Siberia, across Atlantic Ocean and South& North America – with muscle power, without any engines!


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