Meanwhile in Western Australia…

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Hello everyone!

2017-04-09 007

Weeks are just flying by

I am just on my first mid term break during Easter. It is still weird that autumn is coming instead of spring. Heiko arrived in Perth 4 weeks ago and he is adapting slowly. But he is leaving to Germany in 1,5 weeks again for 6 weeks so I have all the time to study, yay!


Meanwhile we used a few days to discover our surroundings. BBQ near the river and with City view, sunsets at the beach and Churros with the best chocolade ever in Fremantle. We bought  a cheap tent (yes, the zipper broke straight away), an airmatraze and a way too tiny cooler etc. for our roadtrips.

Map Roadtrip

Roadtrips 1,2 and 3.

  1. Roadtrip North: Sanddunes & Pinnacles

On our first 2 days trip (Sunday til Monday) we spend one night up North – tried out to surf in the sanddunes (didn’t really work).


And went thru the Pinnacles, those funny things coming out the ground.

2017-03-26 088

Our first camp site near the ocean. We had a lovely BBQ.

2017-03-26 154

2. Roadtrip – Honeymoon Pool (Southeast of Perth)

One week later we decided spontanously to go on another road trip from sunday to monday. So we found ourselves in the beautiful National forest and me swimming in the honeymoon pool. Nice refreshing. It was too cold for Heiko, well he missed out!

2017-04-02 048

Australia has free gas bbq everywhere, even at this remote camp side. We had a lovely dinner after we met a huge Kangaroo (luckily we sat in the car and he crossed the path staring at us. That was Heikos first encounter with a wild Kangaroo.

2017-04-02 073

2017-04-02 083

Camp kitchen! The Garlic bread is from Aldi AU!

2017-04-02 085

2017-04-02 109

This picture doesn’t identify the real Beauty of the Creek!

After that I had a few tests and assignments for my studies, work at the fine Dining Restaurant that is owned by Germans and Heiko some problems with his Clients over in Germany. But he is also doing some self studies for new Networks, IT- solutions etc.

3. Roadtrip – Margaret River, Windy Harbour and Denmark

We might as well uses my lecture free break before Easter and traveled a couple of days longer down South. It was cold camping during the night, but beautiful in the Mornings. We had a few issues with using occupied camp sites, but well I acted like I wouldn’t know better and everything worked out. hehe.

2017-04-09 064

Burgers from the Wood BBQ.

We past sheep and cows in the fields (it really just looks like in Canada or Germany), but different trees and Emus and Kangaroos coming out while the sun was setting proved we are in Australia. Many people go Camping during Easter, so it was lots more traffic than on our short road trips. We met friends down in Denmark, which is very familiar to me because the Marriotts used to have a property down here and invited all friends for Easter, that was always a highlight when I was Au Pairing here 6 years ago. But the Zwitzers had a lovely house with a fire place and near the Ocean in Denmark and we were lucky to stay with them for 3 nights. And we used the fire place a lot because it gets really cold near the Southern Ocean. Heiko had his first Surfboard paddle and is all over it now (the water is usually way to cold for him!).

2017-04-11 032

Greens Pool with Zwitzer Girls.

On our way back we climbed a massive tree, about 60 metres high, high trees like that had a cabin built  in the treetop and and were used as a look out for any forest fires. These days you see helicopters checking for forest fires.

2017-04-10 010

One of those trees – used as forest fire lookout.

2017-04-11 016

Heikos first attempt on the board.

2017-04-09 026

4 Years <3

On Good Friday Heiko and I celebrated 4 years of companionship.. well, our relationship. By strolling around Fremantle, sunset and nice dinner with an Ocean view and churros of course!

On actual Easter we went to a Service, hung out at Zwitzers, and went for a huge lunch at our neighbors, our Southamerican friends and monday for Dinner with friends, the Bodts. Between the time we were hanging on our Laptops.

And yes, we do have a flat to live in, but the outdoors are just so beautiful! Right now we are also house- and dogsitting my old hostfamily’s house. And on the Weekend a night on Rottnest Island, yay. After that I have lectures, tests etc on. But looking Forward to a looong roadtrip up North (Broome Karijini Park etc.. a few thousand Kilometer. We made 2.000 km all together on the last trip. Oh and we build a Roof rack on our own with the help of Roland 😀



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