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Take a breath and move on. I’d say I managed a little milestone with finishing my first semester in Australia! I mostly really enjoyed my Business course and it required lots of time, mostly for the assignments. But I learned lots of new things and I could feed my brain again! After I finished my last exam in Australian Business law it took off a whole lot of pressure.


Learning near the river with Perth City in the back.

Setting surroundings

But it is not the only thing happening right now. I have been upset about not having Heiko here, my best mate. And we should be here and enjoying Australia together, because we both worked hard for it, especially him! And it is not the same when you can’t share it! Heiko is busy in Germany and is back end of the month, only 1 week to go! My heart lights up! 2 months apart isn’t working!

The winter came along and it cooled down a lot, but during the days it is still sunny and quite warm.

New jobs

A few weeks ago I started to work at a Medical Centre, well two Medical Centres. As a receptionist. The medical terms were completely new to me so was the Australian Health System. But patient coworkers keep answering my questions and I am opening and closing both Medical Centres by that time. Also the doctors are really nice and friendly, very international as well.. Irish, Malaysian, Indian, ..

I have started to look after 2 Malaysian kids on the weekend, mostly after I have worked at the Medical Centre. It is an Au Pair / nanny flashback! They are 1 & 3 years old and keep me busy, that is for sure. Thru them I actually found a great outdoor basketball court near the river, where I had a few games in between everything!

IMG_2821 IMG_2481

I still take a couple of shifts at the Restaurant. I am glad to have the opportunities to work, the But will see how everything works out in the new semester commencing 24th of July, with Heiko hopefully staying longer this time! Well, he seriously has to!


I have also taken my Stand Up Paddle for a ride but not as much as I would have liked!


YOB Australia – Stand Up Paddle Board!

July roadtrip Western Australia

And now I am just preparing our roadtrip up north to Karijini Nationalpark, where we will be covered in red Outback sand and drive back along the Western Australian Ocean side. Can’t wait for snorkelling there, the reef is supposed to be amazing and it is said it is almost better than the Great Barrier Reef. I hope our car is running smoothly on our 17 day trip! I am definetely keeping everyone updated!


Only a few are really for free and not so many where we go!

We are also moving places the same time we get ready for our road trip. Just didn’t work out.. And move into a transitioanally or longer, depends on the owner of the granny flat if they are selling their house or not! Will see. But will be good until September for now!

That it is for now. Pretty much a busy single life with a glorious view of having my partner in crime back and a great road trip and lots of nature for a couple of weeks, before the second semester starts with new surroundings again! And finding a local Job for Heiko! Worked on his resumee as well.


Banff Moutain Film Festival

By the way: I was lucky to see the last screening of the Banff Mountain Film Festival in Australia. It tours around the world and one year I have seen it in New Zealand and another in Berlin. Not in Banff tho, when we actually lived near by! It showes a great selection of inspiring short documentaries from all over the world. It increases the ‚can do‘ attitude in you!

Banff Mountain Film Festival 2017- Trailer

Thanks to the people looking after me during the past months and who partly equip us for our road trip! <3

Thanks to special friends who support us thru our journey and keep in touch. When you don’t have much stability in where you live, where you work, where you breath it really matters who is with you even miles apart! Home is then defined by the people that live in your heart and that care about you!


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