Western Australia Roadtrip

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From Perth to Karijini to Dampier to Exmouth, Ningaloo Reef.

One of the best ways to discover a country is by camping and riding along in a car. So Heiko and I found ourselves in our Kia Spoartage and lots of camping equipment mostly borrowed from friends (Thanks!) to see the Wild West. Well, it is not really wild!


First stop Kirkalocka Station


(600km north of Perth) – Kirkalocka Farmstay. We stayed in a shed, just used our bedding. It was already too dark to set up tent anyway. Because we missed a turn that cost us 120 km. Further 100 km extra because Heiko needed to find service to check his emails. The first night was very very cold, I wore all long clothes, a hat and also had two blankets.

The next morning was beautiful. We ate an easy cereal breakfast with the other people that stayed there. The camp kitchen was amazing. A camp site is 25$Au per night and the shed is 25$ each. Showers were really clean.

2nd day the odd ones out in Newman

It was another long drive thru nowhere shared with train trucks and cattle as well as kangoroos crossing the road. The train trucks usually belong to the mines. We stopped in Newman, a little mining town. Stayed in a motel. Since we had meat that needed to be cooked, we pulled out all our equipment from the car and started to cook Spaghetti Bolognese in the dark on the veranda. I assume that everyone else staying there belonged to the mine, had a beer and cantine food. We were the odd ones out. But it was sooo delicious.

3rd Day Mining tour with morning tea – hello Karijini

We participated a mining tour in a full 42 people bus. It was very interesting to learn about the Iron Ore mining, the transport (in a 2km train to Port Hedland, every 24 hours) and what fascinated me the most: the resources that are needed to gain and deliver Iron Ore… all the diesel.. I am not a number person, so I forgot it after 1,5 months.

WesternAustralia_Roadtrip_July2017 (20) (800x533)

We were given a nice morning tea (scones and coffee) after the tour at the visitor centre. That made the $30 per person worth while.

We filled our car up with gas (I was greatful it made the first 1.400km), Heiko worked a little near the pertrol station and thhhhen Karijini was only 2.5 hours away.

It all looked very flat when we entered the National Park, the roads were mostly sealed. We paid $12 Dollar park fee, that we had to put in an envelope. The Camp ground was full, but be got a beautiful spot in the overflow camp ground, where we stayed for 3 nights ($10 per person/night). We sat up our camp site for the first time on the trip and it felt we were entertaining the surrounding people, but Heiko and I worked together as a great team, as usual. First night was freezing cold. It is a dessert zone at night.


4.-7th day


The next days were Heikos and mine birthday and it was just beautiful to spend it in the nature when all friends are on a different continent!

WesternAustralia_Roadtrip_July2017 (103) (800x532)

We discovered all gorges, had amazing hikes and always took our time making our meals. I loved it!


After Karijini we drove up north to Port Hedland and Dampier, also pretty new towns just for mining industry purposes. We washed off the red sand and dust from us and clothes and discovered the ports.

Day 8: Dampier – place of the famous Red Dog.


Breath taking sunset and walking on water.


Ningaloo Reef

The next days we spent driving back along the west coast direction Perth, stopping 2 nights in Exmouth, were we enjoyed a day of snorkeling and dinner near the lighthouse. After that 2 nights in Coral Bay, more snorkelling in the Ningaloo reef. But we have mostly seen dead coral, we probably didn’t go out far enough. Next time we might do a ’snorkeling with the Whale Sharks tour‘, but it was just too expensive at this time ($350 per person).


We spent the last days in Kalbarri, a little town but with spectacular coastal view. We stayed at a very nice caravan park with super clean facilities. We enjoyed all the cooking on the bbq, like bacon and eggs, fresh seafood and much more. Our camp site neighbours were impressed with what we took out of our car. We had nice walks and even hired a little motorboat that we could take on the river… and we even got stucked in the mud, which made it a bit stressful, but still a good Memory!


WesternAustralia_Roadtrip_July2017 (469) (800x533)


Unfortunately it rained every night. After Kalbarri we drove directly home to Perth, that was a 7 hour drive and the rain increased + we were driving in the dark again. We now stay in our new apartment, a ‚granny flat‘ above a garage. But very comfy! Heiko left a few days later again to Germany for 6 weeks.

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