Bali in between

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Bali in between classes

I looked on my watch, a present from Heikos mum. The watch is ceramic and white, one I was looking for a long time without any bling bling on it. I calculated how much time I had left for my statistics test I was sitting. Not the given time but not to miss the flight to Bali..

It was a Thursday in September. We planned a short trip to Bali, Indonesia for 5 nights til Tuesday, because I had to be back in class Wednesday morning. I just handed my paper in and drove quickly home, luckily only 5 minutes from the campus. I was hoping that Heiko worked on the list I wrote him in the morning. And he did, he was sitting on his laptop working, an usual sight of Heiko when he is here in Perth or anywhere in the world I guess. I hopped in the shower, rubbish out, clean up (I hate to come home and it’s messy) and a classmate took us to the airport. He took the full time for the test and was recovering from the test marathon the last couple of days.

We checked in and only had a backpack and a little 6.6kg bag with all our clothes! We were traveling light! Heiko even left his laptop behind.

Bali2017 (11)

Our luggage for 5 days!

It was 22.30 when we arrived in Bali, it was dark, the airplane food horrible. I was hoping that the hotel send a pick up for us. But Heiko and I passed the 1000 signs with peoples names on it 3 times and didn’t read ours. So we kept going and where asked 50 times if we wanted a taxi. I needed the bathroom and Heiko a sim card. I was clearly overhelmed with the situation – long day, late, hangry and all these people wanting our attention. A sim card later we just picked one taxi driver who asked us for way to much many I suppose. We arrived at the accomodation and where told that someone was at the airport waiting for us. Oh well.


Heiko wanted to go for a walk, it was midnight by the time. Kuta was still busy with scooters and people around.

The next day we were walking for 20km in total, probably going into every Ripcurl and Quicksilver store there (and we figured we haven’t seen so many stores of these brands ever! Same high prices tho) Heiko was looking for shirts and a new basecap (he lost his old new one -again). We were walking along the beach, were asked to go surfing 20 times. Waves were good, but water looked really not inviting. Even tho I love the Ocean I didn’t bother to go in, I am lucky enough to have the most beauiful beaches 30 mins away from my current home!

We had late lunch (and it turned out to be our dinner as well) at the Hard Rock Cafe, always a nice place to go. We got badly burnt, but still had one of the cheap massages there. I also recommend to swap money there, because you don’t have to pay fees there.

Scooter trip to Ubud and meet the police day.

Bali2017 (3)

Focused driver and happy navigator in the back!

The next day, Saturday, we hired a scooter til Tuesday. It was only $AU 8 per day but it got a little more expensive in the end. Luckily we had so less luggage, that we stored between legs and on my back. Heiko was driving and I had my offline google maps to guide us through the hectic traffic of Bali to Ubud, more central in Bali. It was a 2hours drive in total. We were forced to stop from the corrupt police, that asked us for our international driver licence, which we don’t have. We use our german one, that is pretty much valid everywhere. Heiko has a motorcycle licence as well, so anyways.. The threatend us with 2 weeks court, $500 fees and taking the scooter away. OR paying $100 right away. I showed him our rental receipt and the business card. The police officer starred at it for 5 mins and said: okay, 40-50 dollar will be fine. He moved me to the corner and I gave him all the cash we had- around $AU40 in their currency. I asked him for a signature to make sure we don’t have to cash again.

So we drove off, picked up some more cash and where stopped again. So annoying! We told the guy right away that we just paid and he let us go. It deminished the joy of the ride a little because we looked out for police all the time. But it was the last time on the trip, also on the way back on Tuesday.

Bali2017 (4)

Quiet traffic on Bali


We arrived at the accomodation and I picked a beautiful one! It was away from the busy Ubud centre and had a beautiful and stunning ricefield backdrop! The name was ‚Omah Apik‘. And I can highly recommend it, great value for the price, very clean, great staff and nice included breaky!

Bali2017 (5)

Ubud Accomodation with ricefields

Bali2017 (2)

Ubud accomodation with ricefields

Monkey Forrest

We spend Sunday in the Monkey Forest, monkeys walking around and showing their way of living. Very touristi, but nice also.

Bali2017 (6)

Ubud – Monkey Forrest

We were also walking 2 km to the ricefields, I was regreting wearing flipflops. Heiko wore runners due to his riding on the scooter. But very beautiful indeed.

Bali2017 (7)

Walk along ricefields.

White Water Rafting Ajun River

For the last full day on Monday we decided to go white water rafting. I always wanted to do it (Heiko wasn’t happy about it in the beginning but enjoyed it the most!). Many tour operators doing that and we had a really good experience on the Ajun river. It was only $35 including pick up from accomodation and lunch! I was really impressed! Usually White water rafting is very expensive!

Bali2017 (10)

Tuesday was our last day. I had a swim in the morning and a big rash on my body (heat rash? Because I got badly burnt on first day?) Wasn’t too hot tho, maybe 29 Degrees. We drove all the way back to Kuta and spent around 5-6 hours hanging around in Kuta, having Mango shakes and buying a couple of souvenirs. We had big dinner at the airport, not having the meals on the plane (the steward was surprised: but it’s for free!!). We denied and enjoyed our lovely view into the dark:


Bali2017 (1)


In total – Bali has way more to discover than what we got to see in those few days. It is a nice getaway but therefore very touristi. It might be poor in ist economy but rich in the nature!


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