A long flight for White Christmas

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Yes, it seems like a tradition that we go to Canada for Christmas. But if you know the people you know why we even went this year all the way from Perth!
It’s the beginning of December, Heiko arrived a week ago from Berlin in Perth – Later than planned but at least still a few days to warm up from Germany and before Canada. I am happy he is here, because this week we lose an amazing Person in my life who went to heaven. I will always miss you, G.!
Perth to Melbourne
We fly out on a Wednesday night and travel 3,5h to Melbourne. Here we have a 8 hour lay over. At 6 am Heiko and I wander thru Melbourne along the river and waiting for the shops to open. I promised Heiko breakfast in Melbourne. Here we go.


Melbourne and photobomb Heiko.


After the breakfast we try to discover more of Melbourne, but tiredness takes over, so we sit on a park bench. Heiko falls asleep on my lap, I watch all the paddlers on the river. I am not sure if I am napping for a minute, but I have my valuables close to me for sure.


At 2pm the Virgin Australia plane takes off to Los Angeles, 14 hours across the Pacific. It is always breathtaking that the Pacific is that big! Can’t complain about the airplane food. We have 3 hours in LA and our journey continues to Calgary.

Arrival in Canada, Calgary!

Karen picks us up and it takes another 2hours drive in the car to get to our second home in the country side. Barely any snow on our arrival, temperatures were pleasant too, around 0 Degrees Celsius! By the time we arrive we have been traveling for probably around 40 hours. A bed is the best thing after that!!


and my most favourite dog Suka..

The following days we are just pottering around the house, enjoying meals as a family together, cutting our christmas tree outside and decorating it! Love that!

December_2018_Phone (340)

Tree picking and cutting :)

Banff and Lake Louise

Heiko and I were given 2 nights in Banff for Christmas Banff is the cutest and most favurite town in the Rockies, that was a real treat! We are hiking to Lake Louise, a beautiful lake with a stunning view. A woman recognises us from the visitor centre in the valley before we were taken off to our hike.. Because we are wearing matchi matchi green coates. She offeres us a ride back, but we decide to walk back.

December_2018_Phone (41)

Rocky Mountains – Lake Louise

After that trip the next is to follow! Skiing in Jasper!

5 hours drive with 6 people, warm clothes, skis & snowboards in 2 cars. The first ski run on Mt Marmot is freezing, we need to go in and warm up, my toes and fingers are numb. But soon we are back on the track again. We have a great time. The second day we are resting and it is colder and darker anyways, time to sleep in, discover the town of Jasper and swimming in the local pool. It seems like we are the only ones left in the pool when we start to play a different version of waterpolo. 2 Aussie boys, 1 Canadian, 2 Germans, 1 British-Canadian-Australian.

The next day I try snowboarding. I have tried it 6 years before at the same place. I am looking a bit more graceful but I still don’t quite get the hang off it. My knees are burning! Heiko has fun tho, but he has to deal with me shouting at him, because he is thinking I could be way more advanced than I actually am!

December_2018_Phone (48)

Amazing Rockies! Jasper!

On the last day we get a half day skiing in and drive back in a heavy snow storm. I was glad I don’t need to drive – Karen and Christian share, and Heiko drives the 6,5 hours back. We could have needed all that snow on the hill! Karen talked about one of the 10 best sceneries in the world thru the Rockies. But unfortunately we can’t see anything. Since I am writing this we survive the storm.


Christmas time!
We have wonderful christmas. Everyone is tired so it is hard work to open a few presents on Christmas Eve, since that is a German tradition but not a Canadian. But we have done so the last years when we were here and it is lots of fun lasting til midnight!

Christmas morning starts with a glass of champaign and delcious eggs hollondaise ala Karen and lots of joy unpacking. After that we go to Karens parents to eat delicious turkey. Heiko unpacks his traditional present from Karens sister – an Oreo cake just for himself. He loves it.

See this amazing dessertHeiko made the other day!

December_2018_Phone (852)      December_2018_Phone (873) - Kopie December_2018_Phone (853) December_2018_Phone (854)

The days just fly by and soon it’s time to leave Canada on 28th of December. Karen and the boys are taking us to the Airport hotel and stay with us for the night. We try to sleep a few hours before we have to get up 4.30 am but we are all chatting til..1.30? It doesn’t feel right to leave.. But soon enough we fly into LA..

Stopover Los Angeles

We have an 12 hours layover in Los Angeles.. Well times reduces because Heiko and I forget our camera in the airplane! AirCanada has us waiting for 4 hours but then we take an Uber to Santa Monica Pier. Unfortunately LA doesn’t have any trains, only 6-7 highway lines. We meet up a friend of mine, that is great. Tired we take off around 11 pm and I literally sleep around 8/14 hours, that is amazing!

Los Angeles - Santa Monica Pier.

Los Angeles – Santa Monica Pier.

Aussie Eastcoast is calling – Brisbane

We arrive around 7 am in the morning and our amazing friends Chris and Wayne who are the last ones meeting Heiko, pick us up. We get hit by humidity and 30 Degrees Celcius. It was -30 when we left Canada. After dropping off our clothes at their place we go on a the river cat. It is overcast but we totally get sunburnt and can not drink enough water! It was nice to see the City from the water. We have the most delicious lamb roast for dinner and I see my friend Lis and meet her husband and little Baby! So lovely to catch up friends!

Sunshine Coast, here we come!
New Years Eve is just perfect. We have a wonderful apartment directly at the beach, that invites us to jump in the water every morning, afternoon and evening for the next 3 days! I can’t believe how lucky we are. We are literally just hanging around – even Heiko. He and Wayne are totally coffee addicts. I enjoy every minute. We see fireworks at 8:30 and midnight (I could barely make it with the jetlag!).


Nothing nicer to start the year with your most amazing man (Yes, I am still totally and crazy in love with him..!!) in the best country in the world!

Brisbane_Iphone (20)

Sunshine Coast – Sarina & Heiko

We go for a bycicle ride. Going is the right word. Heikos chain breaks after 10 mins. So we are taking turns pushing the bike. Team effort. We also drive to Noosa, I am struggling. The roads are very windy and I get car sick. A big Booster juice helps.

After 7 wonderful days in Brisbane and being absolutely spoilt we are all warmed up and have a nice tend. Heiko and I fly back to Perth. Our beautiful Sue picks us up at night. The next day I’m taking Heiko to the airport and he flies to Berlin… Brrr.. Cold..

That leaves me back in Perth. Get myself sorted. The house I live in is on sale, my car won’t work properly, etc. But more next time!!

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