Ein Sommer in Berlin.

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Lake in Germany, not all look like that!

It is the beginning of June. I just finished my exams and my semester. What a good feeling. Only a few days left until I leave to Berlin. Vacation in my very hometown for 6 weeks are ahead!

Perth – Berlin

Last shift in the medical centre. I take my car to the auto mechanic  (or the car takes me), the bus home and with my suitcase to the Perth Airport. My suitcase is way too heave, 29kg – but I have lots of stuff I want to leave in Germany. The airplane takes off at 5.30 pm and I fall asleep right away for 8 hours – a real dream! I fly with Ethiad – barely leg room on that 10.5 hour flight!

The 3rd airplane takes me into Berlin, 26 hours later. It is a beautiful Thursday morning 11 am when I land.

My pregnant friend Julia picks me up – poor her, she is stuck in traffic for 2 hours on her way to get me! We have our traditional Starbucks at the airport (Like: Sarina I pick you up and can’t wait to have a starbucks). 16 months later it feels like normal with her only that she has a massive belly!

We spend the arvo at her house and Berlin surprises me with the best weather. Im getting a nice tend coming from australian winter!


Julias cute little dog Frieda :)

The following days are filled with a ‚family weekend‘. 20 family members that I am happy to get to know a bit better. We enjoy the near by lake and I am mostly happy to spend time with my  brothers and sister!


Bonding on the boat with my siblings!

Berlin time

The next days are filled with meeting my best friends and checking out all the beautiful babies and dogs that entered their lives! Traveling around the city exhausts me – it is noisy, dirty, busy and just overhelming – I am so happy about those friends who moved to the outside areas of Berlin! So proud of them building their houses, starting families or their careers!


Little Greta <3


My old Basketball team mates!

But at the same time my grandma Doris (referred to as ‚Oma‘) and I are buying and organising everything for our Adventure trip.

Heiko and I. His mum and my grandmother. A Caravan trip through Europe in 9 days.


Thats the Goodie.. Brand new.. hired in Potsdam: www.campria.de

Now to the adventurous part of my vacation: It was Heikos mum 60th birthday. She has never been traveling much. In Heikos and my eyes – that had to change! We take the opportunity and take her on a trip in a caravan. I am happy that my Oma wants to join, who has done a caravan trip before. Heikos mum Karin is scared and excited! Heiko just came from a 10 day trip working in Moscow and is just thrown in to be the driver the day after. For now we have planned the first 2 nights but have to decide as we go during the rest of the trip.

Day 1 – Sat morning – packing Omas car and pick up the Caravan. Oh and Heikos mum Karin from the train station, she has  already travelled 3.5 hours on the train from Ruegen (she is overcoming her first challenge).


We drive 3 hours on the first day. Karin had to buy some cake. Of course. Seriously, she survives only on cake! Our first stop over was at a caravan park near a lake in Leipzig. Price around 43 €. All caravan parks we stopped at ranged around 40-50 Euros which included showers, bathrooms, fresh water, rubbish containers etc. Wild camping is not really allowed and not really an option. But we didn’t want to stop near the autobahn with the trucks and no views.


Our cheese plate impressed the ladies.


First set up, first lost nerves, first night

Day 2 – Sunday – long drive to South of Bavaria – Tegernsee. I love the houses there! Heiko sees his Cousin Martin the first time after 10 years. We watch Germany lose against Mexico in the 2nd game of the World Championship. The proud Bavarians aren’t happy. That night we see some glow worms. It rains through the whole night.


Reunion with cousin Martin.

Day 3 – Monday. We have breakfast at Martins place and he shows were the high society lives around Tegernsee. Soccer player, politicians etc. We visit the cheese factury he works at as a chef. I swear Karin and my Oma buy all the cheese and other goodies this place has to offer, but I can’t complain, because it was delicious and much appreciated on our way thru Austria to Italy. I research where to stay next and navigate Heiko the same time. The Maut is expensive – 18.50 Euro in Austria and even more in Italy!

Italy – Garda lake!


Stopover for 2 nights: Garda Lake! I die several times when the roads get smaller and smaller and big coaches almost touch the side mirrors of our motor home! But then we are rewarded with a beautiful Camp site, 5 mins from the clear but cold  lake, surrounded by the mountains. Heikos mum is more than impressed and does not want to leave this place ever again! She even goes in the water after 10 years (she lives 15 mins away from the baltic sea…).


Day 4 – Italy – We discover Malcesine, the castle and are sweating. We have a bbq in the evening. (only the bbq took 2 hours to heat up. I miss the electric bbqs in Australia).



Day 5. We leave our nice spot and move on to Verona-where we find a great parking side for our caravan, 10 Euros for 4 to 24 hours. We walk around Verona, get lost while trying to find Julia and Romeos balcony (yes, that was my fault).


After 5 hours we go back to the caravan and decide to drive to the Adriatic Sea. (Btw we didn’t find the balcony.) Oh my gosh, it was sooo hot! The water was salty and not very pleasant. Jelly fish and crabs. Karin says the crabs were chasing her. Sure! Only an excuse not to go to the wee warm water.


Day 6. We are more than happy to leave the very hot place and travel north to Austria to stay for a couple of days. I have enough of the fat bellies who sit in the sun all day to get the fat belly brown and fatter during their 2 weeks holiday.


3,5 hours of driving later. We find an amazing spot at the Wörthersee (Weisser Rössl). The staff is super friendly and we access the water via a private jetty! The water is more than clean and pleansantly warm! Awesome!


Austria – Wörthersee

Day 7 – Friday – We (Oma) make some home made rice pudding and take it  with us on a hike. It takes us 2 hours to go up to the ‚Pyramidenkogel‘. We don’t waste the 14 Euro entry to go up the buidling. Compared to others we didn’t drive in one of our fancy cars (seriously you could only see Porsche, Ferrari, Mercedes etc around this area!) but walked. It is a lovely view!


Day 8 – we pack up again and drive a long way (450km in 6,5 hours) thru beautiful Austria, stop for some ‚Kaiserschmarrn‘ (Austrian pancakes) and stay somewhere behind Regensburg in Germany. The view changed to nothing after Italy and Austria. It cooled down to 9 Degrees and we (mostly me) watch Germany win a game in the world cup.

Day 9 – next 400km to Spreewald (1h south of Berlin). We spend our last night here and pack up.

It was a bit tight in the caravan with the four of us. Different generations and different expectations made it a bit difficult sometimes. Also Heiko still had to work lots of times. Retrospectavily i am more than happy we have done the trip! It was not always easy but we made great memories and I think Karin got to know us and our world better and I am appreciating my Oma even more! So glad that we had the opportunity to share this time together! (Thanks Heiko for working so hard!). Unfortunately my grandma had a car accident right after the trip, wasn’t her fault, she was okay, car smashed but very scary!

Generations road trip. The End.



Left: 2018 my sister Susann’s graduation, Right: 2010 my graduation. 2022.. Denzel!

We spend the rest of our time in Germany on Rüegen with friends, both celebrated our July birthdays.


Rügen :) Birthday weekend

It was soo awesome being together!  Also my best friends baby Julia was born! Hello Holly!


Darling Holly! See you soon!

Weekend in England – Rochester

The last days of my trip are spend in England to celebrate the yes word of our lovely friend Adam who lived and worked with us in Canada! We had the best time with his now-wife Lauren and all their friends and family! Despite the weather was fantastic and brilliant for english conditions!


Groome Adam, Heiko and I off to the wedding party! @Rochester

My flights London to Berlin and Berlin to Perth almost overlapped and the london flight was almost cancelled, but it wasn’t!

Back to Perth

But now we have August. I am back to Perth for 6 weeks already. After coming back from the 5 weeks escape I was right in the routine – classes (I missed a couple), work and I felt like I slept a lot. Followed by an annoying cold that made me even more sleepy. But it is winter here and days are very short. My studies will be finished in November, I can not believe that the time went by so quickly! Now I only have to balance the full-time study, lots of report writing, work at Medical centre, child care & sport. And missing Heiko, that is literally the hardest part, the rest I actually enjoy.


Hike in the Aussie bush.

The 2 kids I look after when not in classes or in the Medical Centre.

The 2 kids I look after when not in classes or in the Medical Centre.

Current trends: Everyone is on a Keto-diet around me!


Rare night out with Amazing staff around the medical centre: Thai, Egypt, Australian, Malay, me, South-African / Chinese.


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