A long way home.

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Some mornings start with making the decision how to spend them: The sun is smiling outside and no cloud is to be seen. Going for a run? Taking dog to the beach? Stand Up Paddle boarding? It’s a tough decision indeed!

You’re wondering what the heck I am  doing?

Usually I end up having my tea, tidying up, responding to messages and get going. But every day is different. I am mostly working every day either morning or evening or both. It is a good mix between Admin/Reception at the Medical Centre and running up and down stairs @Lot20 (http://www.lot20.co), a nice Pub/restaurant in Perth City /Northbridge, serving very nice customers. I am very lucky with my colleagues at both of the places. Lot20 is taken over by Mauritius people that speak some kind of french to each other, but very hard working and easy going! But there is also me and a few Australians. The place itself has a very urban style and the food and drinks are amazing therefore it’s easy to identify with the environment. On the weekends it can get crazy busy tho. We just finished a month of Fringe Festival (https://fringeworld.com.au)

My work at the Medical Centre, where I almost feel senior because I am there for 2 years, is very pleasant too. The doctors are friendly (Irish to Burmese) and the rest of the staff is hilarious and always good fun (besides serious moments). Sometimes meanings get lost in translation between Egyptian accent, singaporian, south african and german.. And the only Aussie is translating inbetween. It is such a good team, supporting each other, fresh produce coming in from one of the staff’s garden, the Egyptian is braiding my hair (she gives me a hard time but I think she is usually pleased with her results). Forgot the patients shouting at me for 5 mins on the phone, man it’s really hard not to loose your nervs!

House & Petsitting.

When I am not at either of these work places or actively enjoying the outdoors I am moving houses. Since I have finished my Associate Degree of Business end of November I am no longer in my appartment, which I missed in the first place. But I’m really enjoying looking after the houses of people I know (might be different with strangers). Just having lots of room, a proper kitchen and backyard. First I stayed with friends (thanks again), then 5 weeks in one house over Xmas and New Years and now I am in my old host family’s house. So means living out of a suitcase and transport all other stuff around (bedding, 2 bicylces, camping gear, SUP board etc). Luckily my car is doing alright. Which I need to sell in march. I have a dog, a cat and goldfishes to look after. And after the 2 weeks passed I have somewhere else for the rest of my stay til March. It really helps to save money not paying rent (add on later: spending it on my car..).

IMG_5154 IMG_4573

Dog Zoe & cat Candy :)

Visit from Berlin!

 My January was great with my friend Anne coming to visit, also if it was only for 5 days! But I did all the things I wouldn’t have done myself again: Swan Valley (Wine region), Rottnest Island, took her Supping,.. We certainly had a great time!!



Wedding preparations 2019

Organising a wedding that is in Spain from Perth with the future husband who is in Berlin or traveling in Europe for work isn’t easy. Especially with family members who aren’t travelled well! It appears to be another part time job! I have been on the phone the other day for 6 hours to Heiko Heikos mum, my maid of honour, my grandma and my Canadian family! And many hours looking into flights and rental cars, not mentioning the bespoke wedding ring we will have (and is yet to be made!).

Guest House renovations on Rügen

Also a big project for 2019 will be the renovation of the guest house on Rügen. Heikos mum has a beautiful place there. So at the moment we are working out plans for it.

Leaving Perth

I start to realise I am not for much longer in Perth. And I can tell I love everything about that place! Well, not the cockroaches tho! I am earning my money with the work I do and have a broad choice of outdoor activities. The weather is fine and the ocean near by! The roads are barely too busy and people are usually relaxed and friendly. People in Australia rather tend to say ‚Don’t work too hard‘ and can’t understand why you would spend more time for example in an office than spending it with your friends and family. Live is busy over here, but with posivite things.

‚Most things in life are free‘.

I most certainly will miss the 2 Malaysian kids I looked after every week for 2 years. Aliya and Rishi. They don’t have any relatives besides the parents so I became very close to them and I just them! It never got boring with them and they are so cute. I am still grateful for the trust of the parents!


Theft in Kings Park…

This was written a few weeks ago. Since then someone broke into my car and took my bag and wallet, my diary and journal. That’s such an uncomfortable feeling, even now, a week later. Suddenly you feel so unsave and vulnerable. It has been a rollercoaster from there, police, repairs, replacements etc. I have been feeling very overhelmed and it totally knocked me out. The same week I finished a very busy week of late nights at work and early mornings at other work. It is an odd ‚inbetween‘ time as well. Less than a month to be in Perth, organising life and work in Germany as well as wedding and guest house but also finishing things up here. Hard to enjoy when something like the car break in happens. I am looking forward to live together with Heiko again, having an own home and not the time that ‚the time of stay‘ is up. I definitely enjoyed all that but I can’t wait to come ‚home‘.


A postive side effect of moving around and traveling is that you get rid of the stuff that you don’t need! I don’t really have much, but I am still amazed how many things I am accumulating over the time! I use everything, but I get annoyed if I have too much, especially when I have to pack it and carry around. People would call it Mimimalism. But it is right, we have to much stuff we can’t say good bye to. We should, so we can make room in our heads and room for new things! Even when I get back home and to Heikos mum’s place I have to go thru my boxes which all are filled with memories and sort it out.

For now I have reduced my belongings from 2 car loads to 3 bags, my SUP and still my bicycle (and the car, I really need to get around but will need to sell of course). I am just organising a small shipment to the port Hamburg with my Paddle board and 2 bags. Don’t know how to transport the board from there then.. Haha, one battle by the time.


Anyways!! 3 weeks left before I jump in the plane back home to Berlin! Lots of new challenges and changes but it will be good! My graduation is this week and I am having a farewell picknick on 10th of March. Haven’t seen Heiko since 5th of January, so looking forward to be together again!

Future plans: Being ambitious and aspiring to climb as high as I can dream!

Spending time with the people I love!


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