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Sarinadownunder got married! Whoop! July 2019.

On this wonderful journey called life I had one of my best times the last weeks. I still have to digest it all. I don’t even know where to start to write about it! It might be easier to draw a picture of the whole last months and the situation. I try to keep it short.

Back to Berlin 

First of all I am back in Berlin since mid March. It was more than hard to say ‚Goodbye‘ to Perth. But it will always be a ‚See you later‘. I shipped my board and other personal belongings to Germany, sold my car, barely wanted to leave all these wonderful people that surrounded me the last couple of years. Starts with Aliya and Rishi, the kids I looked after, my work colleagues, the Williams, the Grahams, Bodts, Sue, many more friends and the surroundings. But I am very happy about every single day and moment I had.


Just Perth.

After arrival followed a week in London with Heiko who had a job there, a week on Rügen where we took the place apart and the slowly integrating back into the life here in Berlin. More than the love to my life in Perth I wanted to be part of my friends lives again, in person. Not just on WhatsApp. I wanted to spend time with them and see their kids grow. And mostly what I want for ever is a life with Heiko together, no more long distance anymore.


Despite finding my spot in Berlin again the major priority was the final decisions and organisations to be made for our wedding in July! We looked at the venue in January 2017 and had to book it in January 2018. The preparations have been going quite a long time, the communication with Heiko hasn’t always been easy when living apart. Invitations went out, decisions on the unseen meals and cakes have been made, musicians and hairstylist booked as well as our fantastic photographer Hanna Heider. I ordered my dress online and it has been tailored by Natalie in Perth who put so much care and love into it! Thank you again! Our journey to have our rings made was followed by Maria and Don in Western Australia, who greatly supported us. Shame the rings didn’t work out (yet). So we ended up having some rings from Germany. Otherwise was the most stressful part of our wedding sorting out flights and rental cars for our families, who haven’t traveled much at all. But everything was sorted out quite well. Heiko was working away the month before the wedding and did his part last minute, but I wasn’t surprised 😏

Rügen Civil Ceremony – Standesamtliche Unterschrift

Before we could run off to Spain we needed to do the legal part first. As we are not catholic we had to get our legal signature done in Germany. We drove up to Rügen the weekend before Spain. Followed by Heikos best man Johannes and my maid of honour Julia and her family. On the way from Berlin to Rügen our car broke down, it was just with the mechanic for 3 weeks. That really really threw us off a lot. Not the best not being mobile. With lots of smoke we could park it on Heikos mum place. We wanted to keep the civil ceremony very low, but it was still so nice and beautiful. Johannes took lovely photos, we went for nice breakfast in town, spend the afternoon at the beach and had some catering ‚Schweinbraten eingelegt in Sauerkraut‘ and potatoes. And too many G&T’s! (Which was just the beginning)!




Seeliner Seebrücke.




Off to Malaga, Spain. A different adventure for us. 

We got lifts back to Berlin and left Monday morning 4 am with Zoey, Heikos mum, his sister Ilva and her daughter Joana to the airport (also to mention Heiko lost his bank card before, which he noticed in the taxi). Everything worked out fine at the airport (I was prepared for dramas in that case!). We arrived in Malaga, found our apartment for the next 2 days and cruised around the city, which is quite nice and I haven’t seen before.


Family time.

Tuesday evening the Marriotts arrived who where the first to be introduced to Heikos family. On Wednesday (3rd of July) we picked up our rental cars and almost everyone else arrived in Malaga and lifts were arranged. Heiko, Zoey and I went ahead to the castle for the next days to check in. And the Cortijo was truly amazing. I couldn’t believe how wonderful it was and that we would share it with everyone the next 4 days! Heiko was more than nervous. At least I got him in the pool to cool down. We expected everyone who stayed in the Cortijo (18 in total) to arrive by 1.30 pm, after they had lunch which was organised by Johannes. But no-one came before 4.30pm as my grandfather was stuck at the airport and everyone was delayed because of it. The only problem was we didn’t have any drinking water, shops were far away. Just before Heiko literally dehydrated we went to buy some.


Cortijo Rosa Blanca :)


Waiting for the guests to arrive!

Once everyone arrived Karen and I went grocery shopping. Johannes was our driver, I was more than happy about it as Heiko was a totally stirred up with excitement (I seriously didn’t expect him like that!). But our different worlds met and that was pretty emotionall in general!

The shopping was quicker done than expected and we had delicious Paella made in the evening.

Spanish hospitals and so on..

On Thursday we had a big breakfast, with bacon and eggs from the BBQ.The afternoon was quite calm (not inside me, ;)) til we had homemade pizza done by Heikos Köln boys. My Granddad fell and he couldn’t move anymore. Luckily Johannes girl friend is a doctor, so she was there. Our super friend Muffin Anne called the ambulance in her fluent Spanish. But they still couldn’t find it. The Gardner of the Cortijo had to drive up the 3km gravel road to guide them. In the end they took Opa with them. Oma and I followed to the hospital in Malaga. Christian was driving. Hours later and trying to communicate they figured a broken hip and that Opa had to stay. My Oma was a complete turmoil. Foreign country, language and Opa very grumpy in the hospital. We were back at the Cortijo by 1.20 am. I couldn’t believe this was happening the night before the wedding! The night was short and I didn’t feel quite prepared.


‚Pool break‘

The Big Day Friday – July 5th 

After I tripped out of bed and organised breakfast it wasn’t far away that the hairstylist arrived. Karen arranged enough Mimosa (Prosecco with O-juice) and everyone was turned into even more beautiful beings. We envied everyone else having fun in the pool but we enjoyed ourselves too! Our amazing photographer Hanna Heider ( came and started to take great photos. She is from Erlangen, Germany and I can only recommend her! I am so glad that she came all the way to Spain!


Maid of honour Julia and I.

I was super relaxed by then. But I heard rumours that Heiko was freaking out behind the scenes. He was so excited!


Everything that followed was just perfect. Everything was worth the trouble and all it took to make our ceremony happening. I spied for more guests that have arrived for the Welcome Drink.. Adam and Lauren from England, Kendra from Canada, I saw Sue from Perth standing there who came only for the 4 days to see us getting married. My brothers, my sister.. It is all sinking in now while writing it. A dream came true for us. All these people.. and I was about to speak my vows to the most wonderful man I have ever met with the greatest heart and good looks! I am getting a bit carried away here.. So my bridesmaids looked after me before Rachel came to pick me up to go down the aisle /steps to the ceremony outside. There were too many things happening to mention really.. Bridesmaids forgot their flowers, flower girls didn’t know what to do (thanks Patrick doing a great job with one year old Holly!). And when I saw Heiko who stood there looking absolutely stunning I was taken again. He cried and Johannes had to hold him. Christian was taking me down. It was so hot, bees were in my dress and the minister was great! The River men band played guitar in the background. We both said our vows (in tears, happy ones of course), Karen lit the marriage candles (it was too windy) and we exchanged our rings (and kissed and hugged each other at least 5 times before THE kiss).

v_ckff8Q 348C1CEQ CqMJJG4Q

We left with ‚Can’t hold us‘ and met everyone after. The evening followed with dinner, photos taken, and our first dance, which was a ‚Grease‘ performance. Time passed by way too quickly! We both jumped in the pool to cool down. Lots of G&T’s later the evening ended around 3 am.





‚You are the one‘ First dance.

The day after…

The next day was a leisure day around the pool, bbq, a lesion on the head from someone who dived in too shallow waters and packing. Midnight everyone gratulated me for my birthday! Haha, I was more than overwhelmed by all this!


Crazy bus packed with wonderful people.

Calpe – ‚Honeymoon‘ with the Canadians

On Sunday we tidied up and left in a 9seater with the Marriotts and the Bosses up north. The whole drive took 7,5 hours to Calpe. We stayed in a house up the hills and I was just knocked out the next days after all that excitement and tension. We spent a few afternoons at the overcrowded beach but didn’t much in total, but we all were pretty exhausted from the heat at any time.


Birthday dinner on Heikos Bday! July kids!


Birthday kids with Micah and Seth! Feeling short.


Down to the Marriotts and Heiko and I we drove 6.5 hours  to Barcelona, lots of sightseeing around there for 2 days before we left. The Sagrada familia is just becoming more and more beautiful!

Berlin & Rügen Sigthseeing 


Paddleboat on the Spree.

Heiko and I flew back to Berlin with Karen and Seth. It was great to show them the place where we were born and grew up!!


I really didn’t have the chance to thank everyone yet. Thanks to everyone who thought of us during our special day!

Thanks for everyone who supported us during the preparations. Thanks to my Oma Doris for her creativity!

Thanks for everyone who made this journey to our wedding happening. Our wedding was a good excuse to get you all together! I am sorry for those who we couldn’t invite but we were limited to numbers.

Thank you Karen and Christian for being everything (one) I needed for my wedding. You are always there when I need you. You are my rocks (!).

Special thanks to our best man Johannes and maid of honour Julia! For organising our bachelorette/ bachelor parties, for the shopping beforehand, for our guestbook, wedding magazine, post cards, holding hands, joy and for everything!



– by Hanna Heider



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