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A good thing of being in Canada is – not only the beautiful country by itself, but also that you can easily travel to USA, which isn’t that bad to visit  2 years ago I traveled with Karen through USA – We drove to Yellostone National Park, that was breath taking, to Cowboytown Cody, all the way to the magnificient Redwood forest in California and up the highway along the coast thru Oregon to Washington, Seattle.

14 hours driving, Rocky Mountains & food poisining

This time we (Heiko, Karen & her both sons Micah and Seth) went only for 4 nights (thurs-mo), because Heiko couldn’t get so many days off. So we started our trip with a big tent and 5 sleeping bags and drove approx. 6 hours because we didn’t get out of the house before 3pm.

IMAG1149 (800x450)

finally on the road.

We stopped in the Rockies to camp. The night was aweful – Heiko worked, Karen had back pain and I was throwing out every hour! I ate the same stuff like the others! Who knows! We packed up in the morning, left the camp ground before 8 am (without paying – nooone was there!). And we stopped once in a while for me to get quickly out of the car. Until we arrived at the American Border. Being at the American Border with 2 Aussies, 1 Canadian and 2 Germans can be entertaining 😀

IMAG1177 (800x452)


IMAG1188 (800x452)

Great Canyon where we stopped but 45 degrees

But after a whole day driving we made it to Karens cousin Sandi at night and had delicious Lasagne! Her both beautiful & funny daughters kept us really entertained!

Washington Northwest Trek Wildlife Park & monkey Heiko

We spent the next day at the Washington Northwest Trek Wildlife Park. We could see a mom moose and her babies (calves), which was a real pleasure! And we saw plenty massive predators like black bears, wolves, cougars, foxes and other Northwest native animals in naturalistic exhibits. In inbetween all those Heiko played monkey in one of the shelter and fell straight on his back (& maybe head?). He was okay for the moment, maybe shocked. We took our group picture and I purchased a really nice blanket ( before I bought it: me sitting already in the car: I’ve seen a really nice blanket in the store – Karen: Will you think about it tomorrow? Me: Yes! Karen: Then get it!)

Seattle Roadtrip (28) (800x531) Seattle Roadtrip (13) (800x531)

Seattle Roadtrip (53) (800x531) Seattle Roadtrip (102) (800x531)

We went back to Sandis House, got ready for the Rainer’s Baseball game. It was raining and cold. It was our first Baseball game. It started one hour later and lasted 3 hours! Wow! Some interesting actions going on there. Heiko had bad headache by that time and he was really down by the time we were back at Sandi’s and he slept until 2pm the next day. He wasn’t able to speak and eat before he had a painkiller. But after that he was alive, what meant we could do our late arvo Seattle day trip.

Seattle Roadtrip (144) (800x531)

Seattles Underground tour

2 hours later we were in downtown Seattle (with car & train). We had a look at the original and first Starbucks (lined up of course!). Went thru the Pike markets (down 3 levels to get to the harbour). We found a photobooth and sqeezed all 5 of us in there! So much fun! After that we had some dinner, what wasn’t that good unfortunately. That place was better 2 years ago.

After that we had a really good Seattles Underground tour and I didnt’t know Seattle was such a young City! And went thru a lot of toilety stuff, a big fire etc. More about it here

Seattle Roadtrip (150) (800x531)

Underground toilette

IMAG1291 (800x452)

lost in Seattle.


IMAG1295 (800x452)

Quick Picture infront of the 1st Starbucks ever

We already head of the next Sunday morning – checked out Mount Rainier (4.392m hoch) and drove to the Outlet Malls, which weren’t really good. We were driving a different way back – thru British Columbia and I was so amazed by all that green! We ended up staying in a hotel – because it was too late & dark to set up a tent and after we made that decision it started to rain too!

Lake Sports August (75) (533x800)

Mount Rainier

Lake Sports Britsh Columbia

The next day we kept driving and stopped at Christians best man place at the lake for a few hours. Well longer than we planned. But we had good fun water tubing & skiing.

We had dinner at the spaghetti factory in Banff and arrived 1.30 am at home. It was raining and dark. I was happy Heiko was driving <3

After that little trip I found work at the Red Deer Golf and Country Club, Costumer Service and we moved to Red Deer with the Trailer, in which we can stay. Otherwise we had to drive 110 km a day to get to the Marriotts place. Heiko did that before I was starting at work too.

IMG_0008 (533x800)

Lake Sports August (128) (800x533)

What comes next?            

The Golf season goes to end of October, we are planning a short trip to San Francisco after that and hopefully finding work in the Rockies. Heiko is improving his English constantly and still going to work the Australia Visa out!

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