Colors of canadian fall.

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Oh the wonders of our world.

It is fall /autumn. Canada turns his nature in beautiful colours before the leaves are dying. Before the hard and long winter comes. It happens quickly. It’s a joy to see the green, red, yellow and all that colors between. The days get shorter and the temperature dropes. End of September were already days for my winter coat and a beanie, pardon we are in Canada – tuque (Mütze). Life in the trailer has been cold and we had to fill up our 2 gas bottles a couple of times. Heiko and I realized we don’t mind the less space we have in the trailer. As long we have some time for ourselves- We lived here and there all over the places in the world the last year, so we really appreciate a bit own room. Well, I do :)

Christians 56th Bday (16) (800x533)

I’m 25, it is middle of October, 2 pm here in Canada, it’s very warm (15 Degrees) and I’m sitting on a camping chair, my laptop on my lab and surrounded by a corn field, the trailer and our neighbor. The other day I saw a moose, it crossed the road just infront of me!


We celebrated Thanksgiving at Karens mum the other day. I’m glad I could join it. Even tho I will missed Heiko a lot who has gone to Berlin for a couple of weeks. Thanksgiving celebrates the harvest and the blessing of the year. There was delicious turkey, pumkin pie and other goodies!

IMG_0438 (800x533)

Puppies :)

IMG_0362 (800x533)

2 puppies and a cat.

The golf season has finished last friday. So my job. There will be a new beginning again. Don’t know what yet. But people and the members of the Golf club have been very helpful and supportive the last days to find me a new job. End of the week we have an job interview at the Canyon Ski Hill, which is in the city Red Deer we live in. But the Albertan/Canadian economy isn’t very good right now. The Canandian Dollar is 0,65 Euro. When we arrived in July it was 0,77 Euro.

Today I had a lovely day feeding the 9 puppies, listen to the calves and eating fresh eggs from the chickens :)

Banff Nationalpark Weekend.

Heiko and went a night camping in Banff. It has been so beautiful and precious being together. We set our tent up, couldn’t built a fire and went downtown Banff. Banff itself is a touristi area with many shops. We went for dinner, had a hike up the mountain and could take the Gondola down for free (instead of 40 Dollars return).

Banff Nationalpark mit Schatz (19) (800x533) Banff Nationalpark mit Schatz (14) (800x533)

Banff Nationalpark mit Schatz (65) (800x533) Banff Nationalpark mit Schatz (44) (800x533)

School Outdoor Class Backpacking trip

Like last year I went on the Outdoor Backpacking trip for 3 days. It was incredible amazing. We set up tents twice, cooked over the fire, hiked in the Rocky Mountains.. Let the pictures talk.

IMG_0491 (800x600)

Elbow Lake – Kananaskis. Rocky Mountains.

IMG_0494 (800x600)

Seth & I and our backpacks behind the group.

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