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Campingtrip South-Westaustralia 1-15 (221)
Sandy and salty in Western Australia 2015

Hey everyone our there!

I just had to renew my complete Website. That means I’ve to edit all old post from 2011 in here. All the posts about my time in Australia. My travels after that – to New Zealand, to Asia, to the United Stated, to Canada, to Ecuador and within Europe.

My blog is about my time abroad – what impressions I get, what it feels like, what I see. And just to share with my friends and people who don’t get the chance to travel so far. And maybe also to give some of you Inspiration. That life has so much to offer. Just get your hands on it! You’re only living once, so live it right!.

That is me – traveling a lot. But I also love the City Berlin, where I grew up and made the best friends, played 7 years in the best Basketball Team #Berlin Baskets.. Especially having seen so much of the world I think Berlin is the most inspiring and culturally captive City in the world. As long you don’t get caught in busy work :)

Saison13-14,21.03.2014 vs Hellas (50)

Berlin Baskets #7

You can tell that I’m very passionate about Berlin. With all the different areas, places, Events, Cafes, international Restaurants, many many malls and city center and the personal experiences. But I hope I can always come home there, Having dinner with my friends, hanging out etc,

Because I chose not to live in Berlin. But at many other beautiful places that the world has to offer!

I lived for a year in Australia, Perth and I loved it. Loved it so much that I made it my dream to live there.I’m working on it since 2012- I had to finish my degree in Berlin first – which was great. Because I spent time with my friends and my siblings. And I met the love of my life, May I introduce: Heiko: a couple of years older, IT expert, fun, a gentleman, caring and also my best friend, He chose to join me whereever I go.I proved him on our first trip in Istanbul. I fell even more in love. My friends proved him – Sarina without him? Not possible. So we are side by side for 2 years and 7 months that time I am writing that. He went thru the exam time with me, to Canada, Florida, Greece, Backpacking in Vietnam and Thailand, Singapore and to my old host family in Perth end of 2014. After 6 weeks on a visitor Visa in Australia and seeing a Immigration Agent we found out: Heiko needs to improve his English for a Sponsored or Skilled Visa and me to extend my work experience in Marketing or what ever to get a Sponsored visa. That’s why we chose to go to Canada on a 1 year work and travel Visa. But the first half of 2015 we went back in Berlin. Great, time again to play Basketball and all that! Also to travel to Nice, Morocco (Africa) and in Germany.

We are in Canada, Alberta, Red Deer since 21st July 2015. Finding work and places to stay regulary. Heikos english is getting a lot better. We are still traveling a lot – to the Rockies, to the States (Seattle, soon Las Vegas). Many decisions have to be made to get there where we want to. I’m looking forward to everything that comes our ways.

What’s next?

I hope everyone is following it’s dream and sees the good in all of that is offered to us.


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