Australia is calling and I must go!

By Sarina|Februar 11, 2017|Australia|0 comments

Back to paradise! I love to breath that fresh air, the sound of the birds and to walk in the calm neighbourhood. And also to be surrounded with water Swan River and the Ocean near by. 6 years ago I arrived the first time in Australia, Perth. That I enjoyed my time there is an understatement. I loved it. I went back to Berlin after 16 months travels and did my studies and met Heiko. We went to Australia 2 […]

Canada, eh? Hello Berlin.

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I am Sarina, 26 years old. I have travelled parts of the world a few times. I lived a year in Australia and also a year in Canada now. And I am still very keen to find home in Australia. How is it to get back to your home town after a longer period of time? I always miss my friends a lot, because no one can replace all the memories and laugher with them. The more I love to […]

Der Weg ist das Ziel..?!

By Sarina|April 20, 2016|Canada|2 comments

Zur Feier des Tages werde ich den aktuellen Beitrag in Deutsch verfassen. Um für den Einen oder anderen Licht ins Dunkeln bezüglich unserer momentanen Planung zu bringen. Wie alles begann… Unser großer Plan ist es irgendwann in Australien zu arbeiten und zu leben. Hört sich fett nach „Die Auswanderer“ an, was das ganze irgendwie schlecht da stehen lässt. Ganz so einfach ist das alles wirklich nicht. Vor 1,5 Jahren (September 2014) sind Heiko und ich gemeinsam auf unsere kleine Weltreise […]

Livin‘ in Red Deer & workin‘ at the non-mountain Ski Hill!

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I am on my 2nd Work and Travel Visa in my life. My first year was in Australia and it changed my life – it leads my life now. I’m driven by the wish to live and work in Australia for 4 years now. My year in Australia opened the world to me. I’m in Canada now. And it is a completely different experience. I share this experience with the love of my life. I’m lucky, very lucky. But it […]

Las Vegas & the Grand Canyon engagement

By Sarina|November 13, 2015|CanadaCanada,United States of America|0 comments

On the road ehm.. In the air again.. Since we didn’t travel somewhere for a long time (so it seemed to me) we worked on our bucket list and flew to the Grand Canyon in Arizona. Well, should I be suprised that many Canadians asked me before if we are going to drive there? („Sarina, you know – that are only 24 hours of driving, between the 2 of you only 12 hours.“ I like their math). We packed our […]

Colors of canadian fall.

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Oh the wonders of our world. It is fall /autumn. Canada turns his nature in beautiful colours before the leaves are dying. Before the hard and long winter comes. It happens quickly. It’s a joy to see the green, red, yellow and all that colors between. The days get shorter and the temperature dropes. End of September were already days for my winter coat and a beanie, pardon we are in Canada – tuque (Mütze). Life in the trailer has been […]

Seattle roadtrip ’15

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A good thing of being in Canada is – not only the beautiful country by itself, but also that you can easily travel to USA, which isn’t that bad to visit  2 years ago I traveled with Karen through USA – We drove to Yellostone National Park, that was breath taking, to Cowboytown Cody, all the way to the magnificient Redwood forest in California and up the highway along the coast thru Oregon to Washington, Seattle. 14 hours driving, Rocky Mountains & food poisining This […]

Residence in Canada – 1 Year.

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After 6 months wait on the Work and Travel we finally made it to Canada on tuesday, 21st of July.We had a good time in Berlin those 6 months, mostly because of all our great friends there. Immigrate to Canada for 1 year After the flights Berlin-Frankfurt-Calgary we arrived with one hour delay at the International Calgary Airport. We had to go thru the Immigration office to receive a A4 letter (work permit) in our passports. Heiko was so nervous […]

Morocco – Riads & Kasbah’s

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Morocco It was time for some african experience since I have been to all other continents So we decided to start from the north and to go to Morocco – the country of beautiful Kasbahs and delicious Moroccan Food! Influenced by the religion I don’t know if it was bad or good luck that we came here in the month of Ramadan. We couldn’t eat everywhere at all times but we got great accommodation to a good price. Islamic Moroccan […]

6 weeks in Australia, January 2015

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Am Anfang waren Perth und ich nicht im Reinen. Ich konnte Perth nicht mehr so genießen, wie ich es vor 4-3 Jahren getan hatte. Die Magie war verschwunden. Es war nicht mehr, wie es war. Woran lag das nur? Lag es daran, dass wir gerade 4 Monate Marathon-Reisen hinter uns hatten und uns erstmal gedulden mussten, zur Ruhe zu kommen? Daran, dass Australien uns zum Thema „Arbeit“ vorerst den Rücken kehrte? Vielleicht einfach zu große Happen, die verdaut werden mussten. […]